----------------------- DISCLAIMER ------------------------

This application is not sponsored nor official AWS code. It's just a demo. The code does not intend to be efficient, secure, nor represents the best practices for development. In some points this is intentional to support the upcoming workshops and bootcamps, where participants will be invited to discuss, refactor, fix, and improve it. Use it at your own risk. Don't use it in production without proper techical evaluation.


AWS AlienAttack is based on the code provided by Dave Kerr, which we have integrated to AWS to provide the multi-player contest-based playing experience. The game was developed for the 2018 re:Invent Partner's chalk talk sessions. The idea is to discuss possible strategies for implementing serverless architectures for this game, and for similar workloads.

As it happens with all solution architectures, there are many different alternatives for the implementation depending on the particularities of your enviroment (adopted technologies, time-constraints, costs, culture, and more).

Soon the code will be made publicly available, and you will be able to fork it and test your own ideas.

We will prepare some workshops and bootcamps around the game, to discuss services like Cognito, API Gateway, Kinesis, DynamoDB, Lambda, S3, Athena, Glue, and many others that can help you use serverless strategies to extract the best from the cloud.

AWS Alien Attack workshops covering the basics of the architecture, and matters like security, DevOps, BigData, and more, are going to be delivered by AWS SAs, AWS Partner SAs, and AWS Partners, for customers and the community. Get in touch with you AWS representative to know more about how to get engaged.

If you, AWS partner or customer, need anything else related to this experience, ping me: Fabian Da Silva, AWS Partner Solutions Architect.

Click, and have fun!