In this section we give you a straightforward description on how to interact with this version of the game. For sure you must be anxious thinking "How do I win this thing?". Ok, let's go for it.

--- How the gamers are ranked ---

  1. SCORE (+) - More points, better rank.
  2. LIVES (+) - More opportunity to play, better rank.
  3. SHOTS (-) - Less shots, better rank. So, for two people with the same score, and the same amount of game lives, whoever shoots less scores better (frugality).
  4. NICKNAME - Finally, if the destiny gives you a twin rank sibling, then your'e ranked in ascending order using the nickname. Please don't go crazy using a lot of @@@@ in front of your nickname, ok?

IMPORTANT: Every time that you restart the game, you reset your score. ;)

--- Register, login, and have fun ---

If this is your first time playing, then you will need to REGISTER, otherwise go straight to LOGIN.

You will use the screen below to register. All the fields are required. A valid email is required so you can receive a confirmation email. Please be sure that you have access to it.

After signing in, you will be taken to a state where the game will be waiting for a session to start. This task will keep running the test until a session is opened. If no session is available, you can opt to close this screen, and subsequent pop-up screens, to get to the welcome screen and play alone. When playing alone, your score is not recorded.

When a session is available, you will be taken to this screen. Here you can choose to join the session, or play alone. When you join the session, your score is resetted to zero and you will be competing again. If you decide to play alone, your score will not be considered.

The welcome screen is the starting point for the game. Press the "space bar" to begin the game.

Use your keyboard. Use the SPACE BAR to fire, and the LEFT AND RIGHT keys to move your ship.

Click, and have fun!